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Missouri History Museum - On-Site Sales

Under new leadership, the Vice President for Advancement at the Missouri History Museum began her tenure with a goal of increasing membership while growing the prospect pool to focus on an upcoming capital campaign to fund a new museum expansion.  Working with Membership Consultants, a new Membership Program Plan and overhaul of membership operations was developed.  Museum programs targeted specifically at engaging members were developed, providing a meaningful opportunity for all members. 

The grand opening of a new Missouri History Museum provided the impetus for a major membership growth focus.  Using direct mail and on-site membership sales, the Membership program grew from 4,500 to 9,000 during the grand opening year.

The new Museum building made great new exhibit offerings a possibility.  The Museum created and curated a major national touring exhibit celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  The buzz and excitement for this momentous exhibition which kicked off its national tour at the Museum created a phenomenal membership opportunity.  In its 9 month run, utilizing direct mail, telemarketing and an aggressive on-site sales effort, the Museum’s membership program doubled in size for a second time to 18,000 members.   On-site sales have been a part of every special exhibition and every major event at the Museum, resulting in amazing growth and a steady flow of new members.