History Colorado - Membership Consultants

History Colorado Center - Social Media

History Colorado brought in our strategic team to develop and implement a membership
acquisition campaign in preparation for the grand opening of the new History Colorado 
Our plan integrated traditional direct mail with online marketing including QR codes, a 
series of social media driven contests, and a mobile scavenger hunt. 
As the foundation of the social media campaign, we designed a 6-page interactive 
Facebook microsite to showcase the breadth and richness of History Colorado. The 
microsite highlights organization-wide stakeholder groups and features video players, 
photo galleries, email sign up integration, and events as well as a special promotions tab 
and pre-populated share buttons. The Facebook microsite is built on an open source 
CMS that provides History Colorado with complete control over its content. 
The series of social media contests were used to generate excitement leading up to, and 
during, the grand opening of the new Museum. Each contest was designed with a 
specific set of goals around engagement, education, and membership awareness. 
Targeting women between the ages of 26- to 40-years-old with kids between the ages of 
6 to 12 years of age. Importantly, we ensured that the social media campaign was 
strategically aligned with the brand messaging and mission of History Colorado, and put 
in place key metrics to measure effectiveness and return on investment over time.

Overall social media and mobile campaign goals:

  • Raise awareness and educate
  • Target Audience: Women 26-40 years old with kids 6-12 years old
  • Increase Facebook fan base
  • Align with brand and mission messaging
  • Capture member prospect leads
  • Drive traffic to membership webpages
  • Capture personal stories
  • Generate excitement and media buzz


  • 739 unique participants in total from social media campaign
  • 654 individuals engaged for the first time via social media
  • 91 became members after engaging
  • 13% join rate
  • 270 QR code respondents; 18% joined
  • 39% of QR respondents opted-in for mobile texts
  • Facebook fan base grew from 766% from 1,285 to 11,122 
  • Media attention and primary driver to website
  • Captured personal stories
  • 1,961 new members
  • 595 recaptured members 888 upgraded members
  • 235 donors
  • 250% increase in target audience on Facebook
  • 40% increase in membership BEFORE opening
  • 89% increase in membership 6 weeks POST opening
  • 121% increase in membership revenues-FY2012

Share Your Story Photo Contest: Facebook

  • Capture personal stories and raise brand awareness 
  • Generate excitement about the new History Colorado Center
  • Contest was launched approximately six months in advance of the grand opening
  • 63% increase in target audience on Facebook during the three month period 
  • The Facebook page drove 67% of pageviews to the “join today” page and 23% of pageviews to the “new membership” page
  • Received 43 qualified entries - exceeding the campaign goal by 72%

Think You Know?! Trivia Contest: Facebook

  • A 30 day trivia contest that arched over the grand opening of the new Center 
  • Designed to keep people engaged over a sustained period and keep them coming back to play daily with multiple chances to win
  • Peppered with membership messaging, news about the grand opening, and upcoming events/exhibits
  • Key goal was to drive traffic to the new History Colorado Center website and expose participants to membership messaging
  • Boosted target audience reach by 23% on Facebook in one month
  • Generated exposure to more than 2 million people 
  • Received 154 unique entries
  • Significant driver to membership webpages, accounting for 37% of all “Join” pageviews

Gold Rush Puzzler Challenge: Facebook

  • Goal to encourage users to explore the new History Colorado microsite on the Facebook page
  • Exposed participants to the History Colorado brand, membership messaging, and upcoming events/exhibits
  • Saw tremendous growth in Facebook fans with nearly 600 new likes in just 5 days with a 24% increase in target audience engagement
  • Resulted in a 371% increase in Timeline views during the contest, and an 856%  increase in views on the “Become a Member” tab
  • Produced 61 qualified entries - exceeding the campaign goal by 307% Succeeded in expanding awareness of its Facebook page and exposing new audiences to the benefits of membership by driving 51% of pageviews to “Join” webpages

Discover Denver A to Z Mobile Scavenger Hunt: iPhone/Android Mobile App

  • Designed a mobile scavenger hunt to promote the grand opening of the new Denver A to Z exhibit 
  • We created a brand-aligned experiential campaign that would be a fun activity for multi-generational families and would spark imagination about the uniqueness of this new exhibit
  • Primary goal to change outdated perceptions of a history museum and create some buzz
  • Captured attention from media and mommy bloggers
  • Allowed the Museum to capture opt-ins for future text campaigns
  • 159% increase in target audience engagement 
  • Reached 332 people who had no prior touch with History Colorado