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History Colorado Center - Membership Renewals and Lapsed Reacquisition

With the closing of an old museum, The Colorado Historical Society had plans for a new facility, a new identity and new audiences.  History Colorado was born, the History Colorado Center was built, and new audiences were pursued.

As the grand limestone edifice of the History Colorado Center was rising, Membership Consultants and the staff of the new Center began planning for a membership that would parallel the growth and transformation of the organization itself.  Direct mail campaigns directed at reengaging former members and upgrading existing members to new, higher categories kicked off 8 months prior to opening.  In addition to direct mail lapsed reacquisition campaigns, telemarketing was also used to get former members back on board.  Lapsed members were also included in acquisition direct mail campaigns.

At the end of the fiscal year and three months post-opening all goals had been reached or exceeded – membership revenues had increased 120%, membership had increased to almost 9,000 members, and more children than senior citizens were in attendance during the first three months of operation, proving that a new demographic was part of the new History Colorado family.