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History Colorado - Membership Audits and Strategic Plans

History Colorado was transitioning from an old, dusty institution to a new, experience-based History Center in downtown Denver.  Just as the doors closed on the old museum, Membership Consultants was hired to help the organization create a plan to totally rejuvenate its membership program and experience.  Two years out from grand opening of the new facility was an excellent time for total program planning.  With slightly over 5,000 members, the goal was to retain as many members as possible during a 2 year closure and then grow the program to new heights at the time of grand opening.  With the ability to join the History Colorado team in all aspects of project implementation Membership Consultants was able to help History Colorado grow by 90% in number of members, 120% in revenues, and engage whole new audiences of families and children with innovative social media strategies combined with traditional direct mail, telemarketing and on-site sales.