Denver Art Museum - Openings - Membership Consultants

Denver Art Museum - Openings

With the promise of a new building and growing museum looming, The Denver Art Museum was ready to raise membership to new heights!  Following the completion of an Audit and Strategic Plan, Membership Consultants was engaged to assist with implementation of the plan’s first phase.  In an effort to engage former museum members, an aggressive direct mail and tele-fundraising campaign was designed.  The anticipation of the grand opening created great response rates and the membership focus continued with two pre-opening direct mail campaigns.  In house on-site sales efforts continued the membership growth, and the post opening campaigns continued the momentum. In total, a 40% growth in membership totals had occurred after grand opening – from 20,000 members to 28,000 members in a six month time span.

The grand opening year was not the only success for the Denver Art Museum.  The momentum and excitement continued with major exhibitions and more membership growth opportunities.  The direct mail campaigns, telephone recapture campaigns and on-site sales focus continued and provided another 25% growth spurt to 34,000 members households within the next three years post grand opening.

Planning, aggressive membership sales focus and creative campaigns made the Denver Art Museum a membership success story!